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Financial resilience

What does it mean to be financially resilient?

Financial resilience refers to your ability to cope financially when faced with a sudden fall in income or unexpected rise in expenditure.

Every year, the financial resilience of millions of Brits is put to test. Life events happen to us all; anything from job loss, unexpected illness, and divorce to your boiler breaking can all have a significant impact on our finances, and if we are not ready, can have widespread and long-lasting repercussions.

Importance of financial resilience

Whether you face the unexpected costs of a boiler breaking, or have experienced job loss, your ability to overcome such events can be crucial – not only to your financial future, but also your wellbeing.

Improving your financial resilience

There are many ways to build financial resilience. From tracking your spending with budget plans, and cutting your outgoings, to consolidating your existing debts, and creating a rainy day fund.

Financial Resilience Report 2020

Gain insights into what is meant by financial resilience, and the very real and detrimental effects that a lack of financial resilience can have on individuals and workforces alike.

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